Everything You Need to Know About Buying Used Cars vs. New Cars


Everything You Need to Know About Buying Used Cars vs. New Cars

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Used Cars vs. New Cars

Used or new - what option is right for you? Keep reading to find out if you should buy used cars vs. new cars and the benefits of each.

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There’s nothing that can rival the smell of a new car. It’s an aphrodisiac, to say the least. It’s the smell of satisfaction. However, is it worth it?

Buying a car can be the best decision you make in your life if you are careful enough. If you do not take precautions while making this huge decision, it can ruin your life as well.

Below is our simple guide to buying used cars vs. new cars.

Money Talks

What can you afford? It is easy to get financing options for a car that you can afford in the long term. No matter how good the deal sounds, be wary of spending money you do not have. 

New cars generally cost more but have better financing options, with some companies offering easy repayment options. On the other hand, used cars are relatively cheap and do not command the same easy payment options available for new cars.

It is therefore vital to consider factors like one’s credit score and the ability to meet the payment schedule without straining a lot. Be sure to note the various needs and uses of the car before deciding for one to go for and the options available to one.

For instance, if you have a bad credit rating, you may have to buy a used car as a new car means you will pay more than is necessary as you’re considered a credit risk.

Running Costs

One ought to know the needs they have and see what option meets them. For instance, if you travel for long distances, you will receive better service from a new car over a used one.

Cars undergo normal wear and tear over time and become less reliable. That means the maintenance fees are bound to be higher as the car ages. Used cars will, therefore, be in a worse mechanical condition compared to new cars.

The new cars also come with warranties that can save you thousands of dollars in case the car breaks down. These warranties also provide for replacement unit in case the car is grounded for long periods. This ensures you are not disturbed from your routine and don’t incur extra costs. 

One can rest easy knowing that their new car won’t break down every now and then when running errands as a used car might. 


Buying a car can be risky to the buyer as there is always a chance of foul play. Unscrupulous sellers may sell a car used in committing a crime unbeknown to the buyer. This presents lots of challenges as one may be charged for crimes they did not commit.

This risk is almost non-existent with new cars as the owner will be the first person to own and use it. It also reduces the risk of fraud.

Conmen can pose as sellers of a used car and swindle one’s hard-earned money. It is therefore relatively safer to buy a new car than a used car.

Safety Standards

Technological advancements have made sure that cars are safer now more than ever before. Cars are armed with loads of gizmos, including cameras and radar to detect obstacles on the road and take evasive measures. 

A used car made four years ago is not as safe as a new car made in the last year. Companies like Tesla have gone ahead to create self-driving cars that complement one’s driving to ensure you arrive safely and do not endanger anyone’s life. New vs. used car technology is rarely comparable when it comes to safety. 

Gas Emissions

Why buy new autos? New cars are always subjected to stringent gas emissions tests to ensure they emit very low levels of carbon monoxide. These industry set standards to help ensure that the environment is well taken of.

Old cars use obsolete technology that doesn’t entirely burn fuel and therefore have more carbon monoxide emission levels. By buying a newer car, one can help conserve the environment and thereby ensure a better future for their children.

Many new cars also use hybrid or electric technology to help reduce reliance on fuel. Such technological advancements were not available when a majority of the used vehicles were manufactured. As such, buying new cars shows that one is conscious of global warming.


Every petrol-head wants a project car. This is a car that one can modify into anything he wants it to be. 

As a car enthusiast, you need to get the right car for this wonderfully fulfilling journey. New cars can be project cars as well as used ones. Therefore, you need to know your end goal.

For instance, one of the most sought after used cars is the 2JZ Toyota Supra. The manner in which the car was designed made it a hit amongst the enthusiasts. They wanted to modify it in every way. The engine is easy to tune, and the chassis is sturdy for any modifications. 

On the other hand, the new 2019 Toyota Supra can also be tuned to eke more power out of it. This shows that one can easily modify both new and used cars. 

However, you need to have an idea of what the end product should be. The modification also voids any warranties offered for new cars. As such, one ought to be careful. 

Personal Preference

The decision on buying used vs. new car overwhelmingly rests on one's preference. Some individuals prefer new cars and others prefer used as a matter of choice. As such one can only feel comfortable and fulfilled by getting the car they like. 

Used Cars Vs. New Cars

The contention surrounding buying used cars vs. new cars is not an easy one to decide outright. One ought to be aware of the needs and the factors that influence their decision.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Consider the financial facilities available to you before going out to buy a car. Ensure you consider even the smallest factor in order to make the right decision. 

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