New vs Used Car: 5 Major Advantages of Buying a Used Car

In recent years, you find fewer and fewer people taking the risk of shelling out the dough for a new car. Whether it's the combined cost of student loans and a rising cost of living or just a preference for road-tested vehicles, used cars are booming. If you're currently weighing out buying a new vs used car, you need to learn the advantages of buying used over new.

While a new car might be an exciting and enticing idea, check out these five budget conscious reasons for going with used.

1. The Most Obvious Savings

Most people will tell you that tired cliche that your new car loses half of its value as soon as you drive it off the lot. Well, it turns out that that cliche is mostly true. While that number is usually around 10%, it turns out that there are lots of cars that lose a lot of value in just three years

If you want to save money and you're not looking to impress anyone by driving the newest and latest thing off the lot, save some cash with a used car. Buying a used car that's just a few years old without a ton of mileage on it could save you 50%. If you love to have nice cars, you can still get something gorgeous and impressive without breaking the bank.

If you need to finance your car, you could pay it off much faster if you buy one that's half of the cost of a new one. If you have a large family and anticipate having to buy separate ones for you and your spouse or for your kids, that savings can come in handy.

2. No Crazy Fees

When you're trying to get a new car from a dealer, you're contending with a lot of potential fees and paperwork. These cars are shipped from locations that charge shipping fees. There are even "destination fees" for cars when they arrive.

Look out for undercoating or "dealer preparation" fees that go unexplained when you buy a car. Instead, with a used car, you end up with something that's been road tested and that you know can rack up a few miles. There's no need to advertise this car that's two or three years old, so you don't have to pay anything like a hidden "advertising fee".

A used car doesn't have any fees at all in most cases. Sometimes there's a repair, maintenance or a "doc fee" for a few hundred dollars but even these fees can be negotiated. Don't be afraid to talk down any added fees and see if you can get the car at the price you're looking to pay.

3. Make Add-Ons Easy

When you go for a new car at a dealership, you're going to be offered all kinds of wild trim packages. You'll get a GPS navigation or a Bluetooth system for an added fee. You'll get special tires, an extended warranty, or any number of other added things. When you get a used car, what you see is what you get at first, and you might be pleased right off the bat.

However, if you do want to add something on, most customizations you want to make will be cheaper for you to add on to a used car. A new car that gets customized by a dealer is going to cost you an arm and a leg. You can trick out your used car with any trim you'd prefer for much less than you'd pay for a new car.

When you add on to a used car, you also get the option for getting third-party or after-market components. Adding manufacturer parts to your car often costs a lot more than when you buy it from another company. Buying used means you have the control to add whatever you want to your vehicle.

4. Used Means-Tested

Most used car sellers won't hand you the keys to a car unless it's gone through some rigorous inspections. In a lot of cases, there are legal ramifications for handing you a lemon due to "lemon laws" around the country protecting consumers from shady deals. There is also the integrity of the used car salesperson at play and they don't want to lose their credibility.

Many times, companies offer certified pre-owned vehicles through dealerships. In these cases, the used vehicles are tested and inspected thoroughly in a way they're not when they arrive new. New cars are assumed to be in pristine condition when they roll in off the factory.

However, this often isn't the case and there are lots of problems that arise soon after purchase that owners feel stuck with. If you're looking to avoid these kinds of surprises, certified pre-owned cars give you the chance to be sure everything has been checked.

They have the same level of quality that you find in refurbished electronics in that every component gets tested. You'll be in good hands with a dealer-inspected vehicle. 

5. Save On Insurance

Accidents occurring in a new car are tricky. A new car gets appraised at the time of an accident meaning that if you get stuck as soon as you drive off the lot, you get money for what it's worth then. That causes a gap between what you paid and what it's now worth.

Gap insurance can cover the difference, but it's going to change your premium. Since this is only really necessary for new cars, you can skip the whole thing and pay a lower premium with a used car.

New Vs Used Car is a No-Brainer

Choosing a new vs used car is an easy decision when you break down the day to day costs. There is so much in savings to take advantage of when you buy a used car, you might never consider buying new ever again.

However, there are so many other benefits to a new car that if this is your first car purchase, you need to check out our guide.

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